From the utmost humility, I would like to make a brief statement of intentions. This is a blog of reflections, in which I will discuss topics about this new environment we are living in. With such exciting ingredients as the digital challenge, globalization, the diversity, or the challenge of customer satisfaction.

I will only share experiences and points of view, which will never pretend to be absolute truths. I simply want this blog to be a meeting point where we will be able to spend time thinking and sharing, even though we live in a day to day so artificially busy. For those of you who know me, you can be sure that the approach will be eminently practical. This is because I believe that it’s in the practicality where the value of things is seen.

I strongly believe in the need to simplify concepts and adapt them to the context in which each one moves. We must not follow trends and do things just for the sake of doing. If you are not going to bring real value and just going to replicate an empty content movement in organizations, it’s better to stand still. This is one of the main problems we have at times, which leads to over-complicated processes and unnecessary bureaucracy. We find it hard to stop and think. But once there, we find it even harder to think with simplicity and common sense. This, which is very easy to say, is very difficult to do. And this is because we are being forced to unlearn.

Our development and growth have always been understood as the accumulation of knowledge and skills. However, nowadays, our ability to stop making and unlearn successful models is what we need to do. Because the storage of merchandise has ceased to be valuable.

Have you ever stopped to make an “obsolete stock” count in your life store? Well, just like we do in companies, we must make sure we do not occupy unnecessary space in our minds.

On many occasions, we keep this obsolete merchandise more because of comfort and nostalgia than for having a real value. But we need that space for new things, for doses of courage, for passion, to help us think, create and thus include valuable merchandise with an adequate rotation. It is at this point that I hope to contribute my bit: with personal experiences and reflections.

I really hope you find it interesting.