Certainly, and first of all, it is a tricky question. Why choosing if we can have it all? You’ve probably read the headline thinking that without trust there can be anything else; I’m not so sure. I believe that trust is a concept that we must define very well.

What does it mean to you? Integrity and ethics in all situations or unconditional loyalty to a leader? How can we measure that? Is the meaning of confidence that things will be done your way? (Do you really expect people to keep checking on with you if they are working and getting things done the way you want? Or if they will do something that could betray your trust?). I believe that nowadays nobody trains people who work for a company to operate this way. So, the definition of confidence is something different for everyone. All of us could contribute with ours.

Therefore, I think that we should choose talented people, before confidence, if we have the possibility. Talent drives, runs, makes things happen. Innovates, creates, thinks outside the settled limits, finds solutions and looks for a way to make them a reality. And companies with large doses of talent tend to work better than its competition. A company full of people that you can trust will be a high-performance company. Or will have a mediocre performance. In any case, it is likely that a company full of people you can trust will have an expected performance, not either an excellent neither a poor one.

Definitely, talent and confidence are not exclusive. You can have it all. The problem is how you measure the performance of people within a company. And at the moment, we are far more capable of measuring the performance of a person than how much we can rely on him/her. And our definitions of trust will vary greatly from one person to another, which creates lots of variability in a company.

You’re never aware that you have a confidence problem until one-day trust disappears. For this reason, we should always choose talent rather than other hard-to-measure intangibles. But if someone can tell me how can I measure trust accurately, I’m willing to change my mind.