A few weeks ago, I had the privilege to be in the recording studio where they record the videos of “El Futuro es One”. Being there I felt inspired and honoured to be in the same studio where great scientists, visionaries, thinkers and inventors have been, like Stephen Hawking, or myth-hunter Adam Savage.

“El Futuro es One” is a platform, with a YouTube channel, that shows the technological advances that are being made and helps us understand how technology improves every aspect of our lives. As they explain, the videos inspire us to incorporate in our day to day, the advances and innovations that are being offered in new forms of entertainment, of learning, of thinking, and of being connected.

And since Human Resources projects are also (and should be) futuristic and innovative, I will share several of these videos here on the blog. Together, we can inspire ourselves and look for ways to adapt everything that technology brings us, to the world of employees.