As we celebrate the International Women’s Day this week, I think it is important to give thought to women. But more specifically, to the reincorporation of women into the work environment after a lapse resulting from a discharge for personal reasons.

As a woman, mother and professional, I believe that this is one of the challenges in which human resources departments need to concentrated their efforts. It is also in us the responsibility of supporting initiatives that give back to women an important role in the workplace. I believe human resources departments are the place from which to start the move. Aren’t we the ones who should try to change the status quo that nowadays is hurting the women?

Vodafone just launched this week the ReConnect program, an international initiative that aims to attract talented women who have paused for a while their working career and need a second chance. It is a valuable talent that we don’t want to miss. And I cannot feel more proud and identified with the program.

To facilitate the reintegration of these women there have been included in the program several activities and events to raise awareness of this situation throughout society. As well as to attract, encourage and give support to these women to re-fill their sack of ambitions. The program is aware of the reality and the needs of the women on this situation. It facilitates the progressive incorporations and also during the first six months they pay full-time salary for a 30- hours work day week. As well, they offer training programs to improve their professional skills, and mentoring or coaching to improve their confidence.

In this video, drawn from a study of KPMG and GfK for Vodafone, you can see some data on which to reflect. Beyond the emotional issues – which are not foreign to us – the reality is that if companies look for ways to reincorporate these women, the world economy will grow more than 1,700 million euros.