Innovation. Most of the companies have included it within their values. It is the motto of many departments. It is a name, worn by use, which describes the vast majority of employees and what we tend to proclaim, from human resources, we are always looking for to hire. However, we know that the ability to innovate and create products, programs and innovative solutions is much harder to achieve than to say. It not only depends on creating environments and spaces that encourage this thinking style but also to carry out initiatives and make things happen.

I think that to be able to grow this seed of innovation within a company, channels and resources where employees can express their ideas is needed. If, also, we create platforms where they can nurture with content that make them meditate and push this thought, better still. In Vodafone, for example, we have a platform in which employees can write their ideas about problems that arise, and within this platform, you can get videos, articles, and other content that inspire and motivate to create new things.

Nevertheless, the next challenge is to make them a reality; take something that so far is a post, a paper, or only lives in the mind of a person, to materialise. That is why, in our case, the hackathon model has been an advantage. We have managed to create a prototype in a very short time, promoting multi-functional team work with a wide diversity of perspectives to deal with a given problem. This practice is deeply rooted in digital companies like Facebook, but I firmly believe that from human resources we can implement it in our businesses also.

Such experiences foster the innovative spirit and gradually create the proper climate so that finally, these behaviours can be incorporated in our employees. Though; it is necessary to have it very clear that in almost a 100 percent of cases, the problem of ideas it is not that is complicated to create them or have them, but to carry them out. And in that path, we might need to put aside the too critical individuals. The devil does not need lawyers and the brave ones with ideas must be supported.