If you could leave your mark on the world, what would you leave behind? It is quite complicated to think of only one thing to give to society. And it is even harder to imagine how we can do it or what we can leave. However, these dates make me think about the goals reached throughout the year and what I can expect from the following. And although it seems very poetic, I like to also think about what I can do to leave a better world to new generations.

I do not speak of material offerings or great inventions, but of the things we do in which our contribution is scarce, but, when added to the efforts of the rest, is capable of changing things. I speak of volunteering. Volunteering understood from the generosity and, at the same time, that keeps in mind the selfish side, in which you receive much in exchange for little help or work. You feel happy, realised.

However, different variables do not allow us always to comply. One of them and a crucial one is the lack of time with which we live. But, what if our company promotes policies that allow us to use part of our time to contribute to society?

One of the goals that we set ourselves in Vodafone is to make everyone proud to work here. That is why, together with the Vodafone Foundation and with corporate volunteer activities promoted and supported by our company, we seek the free participation of all employees, who put their time, abilities and talent at the service of non-profit causes, projects and organisations.

There are not two equal contributions. We, as experts in the field of telecommunications, have programs such as Instant Network, in which volunteers from Vodafone participate to provide connectivity and communication to areas that have suffered wars or natural disasters, among others. At the same time, because within the company we also have other areas and profiles with different talents, each employee can look for new ways to help. For example, some have taught English to children in Vietnam so that the youth can prepare for their future.

More recently we have had other initiatives such as the subtitled marathon for people with hearing disabilities. There, we exceed the 650 hours of volunteering between Madrid and Barcelona and, we will expand to other regions very soon. Earlier in December, we also participated in a collection campaign with Banco de Alimentos Madrid.