Technology is injected into our DNA, more and more, we no longer conceive of an analogue world. As Andres Vicente, Manager Director of Enterprise Business Unit in Vodafone Spain, explains, “digital transformation is Darwin’s theory of evolution applied to organizations and institutions”; and companies are faced with the urgency to transform themselves due to the change on the customer’s behaviour. Customers begin to demand an immediate response from their partners, they consult the network before buying and research about the product and possible substitutes.

But to be able to undertake this powerful transformation, the lead of the Executive Committee is necessary, resulting in a change in the business model. This change must be supported by marketing and sales strategies, with technology and innovation areas as the main enablers and accelerators of this transformation.

At Vodafone, we have been accompanying companies to digitize their business model. We have the knowledge of the customer’s behaviour, their attitudes and what makes them tick; and we are leaders in IoT, Internet of things. Combining our customer’s knowledge and IoT leadership, we are a key technological partner. Besides, we already have lived this transformational experience, in all our company’s areas, so we can share the lessons learned from our experience.