Some of the most important features of highly effective teams are constant support and the ability to be motivated and clear about the meaning and impact of their work. At Vodafone, we are aware of the value of all these things. Therefore, we strive to create a positive, constructive climate from time to time so that they can feel free to talk and discuss in a more evident mode. Our job as Human Resources professionals is to find the best way to motivate our teams. Breaking the routine helps us create a dynamic of change, a constant challenge and prevents us to settle. It is an impulse, the possibility of conducting energy and show the great benefits that all these changes can bring. At the time of doing so, we must be transparent as of communication, with a constant and permanent dialogue, with openness and with desire to listen everyone’s opinion and take them into account.

In Vodafone, meetings of this type are a constant, to boost energy and promote cooperative thinking. We are clear that our values are: personal, professional, passionate and playful; and reflect them in our team meetings, and in the way we work. We carry out our work with passion, in a professional way, but remembering that we work with people, and that having fun is also key so that all of us can develop our potential.

Our values are part of our leverages to motivate the team, and activities such as our Energized Fridays, are a perfect tool to give them the necessary power; always keeping the dialogue and listening. I invite you to look for opportunities to connect with your team, and to boost them with the energy needed to move forward.