Security and tranquillity are terms that we usually relate to our happiness, and that many of us long to achieve, more or less. Can you imagine having neither of them? Tomorrow, November 25th, we celebrate the International Day for the Elimination of Violence against Women; a curse that needs to be eliminated so that we can feel secure and free, anywhere and at any time.

Although government agencies have a leading role in its prevention and fight, companies cannot be left behind, and we must be a key ally when it comes to eradicating this evil. From our organisations and our human resources departments, we need to reach out and offer not only policies but channels that can help women cope with violence.

I understand that there are companies that we can do more than others, either because of our capacity at innovation level or because of the sector in which we find ourselves. But we must all do our bit, and provide escape routes, so that women who have been mistreated, harassed or who are victims of mobbing, have a safe channel to inform or denounce.

As an important company in the telecommunications sector, innovation is part of our DNA. At Vodafone, we are committed to this fight, and that is why we have designed different apps so that women, victims of any type of violence, can denounce their aggressor safely. Apps such as Red Light in Turkey, or PORMI in Spain, for women with disabilities, are just two examples of how companies can use their power and strength to support society, making the world a better place.

In this fight, all action counts. If from human resources we contribute so that there is greater equality within the business world, much better. Either motivating and creating special training and development plans for women or seeking gender pay equity in positions of greater responsibility. All are initiatives that help to promote the feeling of equality within the company, and it can extend to the homes of employees.

Some examples of what we do in Vodafone and that you can propose in your company are, for example, to create women’s groups in which they can exchange information and experiences, such as our Women in RED, Women in Technology and Women in Enterprise. In these groups, women managers talk to the youngest female employees and advise them on how to balance their work life with their family life.

The minimum we can offer is security and comfort at the time of reporting, ensuring anonymity and that the relevant procedures and sanctions are followed. Our commitment to equality must be total. Therefore, we must work to maintain an inclusive work environment, free of violence.

For a society free of gender violence.